5 Best Sex Positions For Plus Size Girls

Plus size girls or curvy girls can have hot sex too. They can do pretty much anything small girls can do. Most of the time, a successful sex with them depends on the built of their partner, but if there’s a will there’s always a way. Most sex positions can work for them if their partners really want it to work, modify sex and do some experimentation.

No plus size girls should ever sulk and think they can’t have good sex. With these five (5) best sex positions, any plus size girls can have the best pleasurable time of their lives:

1. Doggy Style

This sex position always gets the most votes when it comes to best sex position plus size girls prefer. This makes sense because their private part is very accessible to their partner. They can be easily penetrated from behind and their partners can have full control when thrusting. The classic doggy style will do but there are many styles in this position that both can do. For more intense doggy style, partners can experiment on sex toys like the Doggy Style Plus Size Strap. This strap can be wrapped around the waist of the girl. It allows the man to have full control of the thrust speed at the back of the girl. It is also understandable that there are some plus size girls who can be very conscious about their big butt, but they need to know that men like big butts especially in doggy style position.

2. Modified Missionary

Some plus size women cannot do the classic missionary easily that is why it is important to modify the position for them. A leverator or a pillow once used under their butts will tilt them backwards allowing their men to get on their knees and their vaginas positioned about their penis. A titled vagina means deeper penetration. They can also raise one of their legs or spread their legs for different sensation.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

When a plus size woman is on a bed, there is a tendency that she will sink too far and won’t be able to get a good grip. A good grip creates great rhythm and more sensual environment, so more often the plus size women can’t achieve this. A good remedy to do is to lie on the floor instead on the bed and do reverse cowgirl. This position is basically just like a doggy style but is lying on a floor. Instead of looking at her face, the man looks at the back of her head or at his butt. It will be easier for them to move up and down and control the movement. This is also great for men who have bellies.

4. Roundup

A plus size woman when sitting on sturdy places like kitchen top or something that is about her man’s penis will give her balance, support and control. Her man can enter from her front. Since she is heavier than the average women, sturdy places to sit on will make sex easier.

5.Stranding Pretzels

A modified pretzel like the man is standing instead of both are laying on bed will eliminate the struggle. In this position the girl lies on her right side. The man straddles her right side and lifts her leg so that it curls around the side of the man. This is a very great position for those who are in an average length. This will allow the man to reach her furthest. An accessory to this is wearing of a vibrator cock ring.


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