4 Proven Ways To Recover From A Breakup For Guys

Right now, as you’re reading this, you’re probably in a lot of emotional pain. Either you broke up with a girl, or even more painful, she broke up with you. You feel rejected, you feel lonely and you feel like there’s nothing in the world that’s going to make you feel better in this very moment.

You may feel that you’re in a deep hole right now, but don’t lose hope. You will get out. First thing you have to realize is that this pain is only temporary. You feel like it will last forever, but that’s an irrational thought. This pain will go away. The biggest healer is time. And at this time, we are going to give you a secure strategy that will help you heal this pain. This advice is only going to work for guys who are at the point where they know 100% completely that it’s over with their ex. This is not to get your ex back tips, but this is for guys who are ready to get over their ex and move forward because you know that it’s over. Let’s get started!

  1. Don’t spend time alone as much as possible.

At this time, you’re thinking about her a lot. Based on studies, you might be thinking about her 80% of the time in your first periods of breaking up with her. That’s because you’re going through what’s called withdrawal; a process on which your brain is currently not getting that dopamine release that’s usually does when you’re happy and in love. So, since you’ll be thinking about her a lot, it’s not ideal for you to spend time alone. Friends and family are your best bet. Make plans to do stuff, get out of your house and make it almost a game to not be alone as much as possible.

  1. Create a list why she’s not good for you.

Make a list, not on your phone, laptop or computer. But make a list in the good old fashioned way, with a paper and a pen. Create a list and write down 10 or more reasons why your ex wasn’t good for you. Now you may respect your ex and think she was great and have all these reasons why she’s amazing. But on this list, think of 10 or more reasons why it was not a match. The more specific, the better. Keep this list in your wallet and whenever you get that pain inside of your chest, take it out and read it.

  1. Talk to other girls.

Start the process of talking to other girls. There’s a magical thing happens in this slight attraction that you will have for another girl. This doesn’t mean hitting on them or even trying to get dates. Simply just starting conversations. Sure it’s not love or a similar feeling that you have for your ex in that moment, but it’s a start in a new direction to get you feeling something else other than the feeling you have over your break up.

  1. See a therapist.

Sign up for therapy, figure out whatever you need to do and seek a therapist. Why? Because you’re going to need someone to talk to as you heal. Your friends and family unfortunately will get sick of hearing about this. You need an unbiased person who specializes in relationships. If you can afford it, go once a week. If your budget won’t allow you, go once a month.

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