Men and women tend to think of oral sex differently. For men, it is one of the best things they can receive besides vaginal sex. In fact, some girls perform blowjobs so well, that the men like it better than coitus. Blowjobs is something most males dream about having done to them. On the other hand, women tend to look at it as the name says – a job. As long as females look at oral sex as a something that has to be done, they will not enjoy it. For that matter, the men receiving probably won’t either.

One problem women have with giving blow jobs is that men don’t always reciprocate. No person wants to suck on a private part, when the other doesn’t do it to theirs. But, perhaps by giving your partner amazing head, he will be forced to return the favor. If he doesn’t, you can always use your talent as a way into reciprocity. Luckily for women, there are many useful blowjob videos available today. Some of them are tutorials which use actual demonstrations. And nothing is better in how-to tutorials, than seeing something realistically done.

These tips on the best way to give a blow job are important. More so, if you are trying to satisfy your partner orally. Like most things in life, there is an art to blowing someone off. If done correctly, he will be begging for more. Women who give great head, can control a man in more ways than one. They can bring him to the brink of an orgasm whenever they wish. Plus, the recipient of the oral sex will likely want to be by your side for a long time. Just like his stomach, a great blowjob is a sure way to a man’s heart. Or to the sexual core of that part of his brain.

Focus On The Task At Hand

The first thing you want to do when trying to give a great blowjob, is concentrate. Focus your mind and mouth strictly on your partner’s head. With both hands, lightly grip his penis. In unison with your head, move your hands up and down his shaft. All the while, you massage it with your tongue. By using a combination of moves, it will make him feel more pleasure. Plus, boredom won’t be something that will happen to either of you.

Change Your Attitude

When men are asked what they most enjoyed about oral sex, one answer came out on top. The majority said that the attitude the female had when doing it was crucial. To them, seeing that their partner enjoyed it matters the most. Men don’t just want a great blowjob. They want their partner to enjoy and love giving him one. Forget about teasing him and not letting him get it. Instead, treat his penis like it has the antivirus for the cure you need. Devour it, love it, kiss it and treat it like you really want to suck on it.

Look Into His Eyes

Making eye contact before and during oral sex is important. That’s according to several sex experts on the subject. While you may be intimated to do so, don’t be. Make certain you glance at him at the right moment. At the time when you are going to take his penis into your mouth is one. Also, during the process or for the entire time. Intimacy will be increased and the release of oxytocin will as well. The latter is a bonding hormone that affects you both.

Make Sure You’re Both Comfortable

Too often, when a woman is giving her partner head, she is uncomfortable. Worse, the man may be as well. That can result in neither of you enjoying what is taking place. Make sure that you find a position which is comfortable for you and him. This will ensure that you can focus more on his penis. In turn, he will focus more on the pleasure he is receiving.

Talk Dirty To Him

Talking dirty to their partner is something many women struggle with. However, it can make an extreme difference when having sex in more ways than one. Talking dirty will serve many purposes for both of you. Telling him that “his penis is huge” can act as a stimulant and arousal. Saying “I love to suck your big coc*”is a booster as well. Arousal is mental more than anything. By talking dirty to him, you will make him hornier than ever.

Find Out What He Really Likes

Every man and woman is different. That means what one may like done a certain way, another won’t. It is because of this that you should ask your man what he likes. Find out what he thinks constitutes as the best blow job ever. Once you discover what that is, let him have it. Some men don’t enjoy pressure while others love suction. Others like their balls played with and some do not. A few enjoy when you suck on their head, yet some love being deep throat. Whatever your man likes the most, do it to him just like he wants. You will both be happier and satisfied in the end.

Remember, there are also very useful blowjob videos you can look at. Many of them go into detail and show you how to best suck on a penis. Visuals are great when it comes to teaching. Use what you see in these blowjob videos, along with these tips. Combined together, they will make you a pro at giving oral sex.